The Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) is a tried and true wrap carry, considered best for first time wrappers. It’s the most supportive front carry and is ideal for long periods of babywearing. The FWCC is regarded as a foundation carry, meaning the techniques used in this carry help you understand various components essential to advanced carries. Mastering the FWCC will get you comfortable working with the fabric and help familiarize you with your wrap, all while teaching you how to properly tighten—which is essential when wearing your baby in a woven wrap. Nursing moms love to babywear in the FWCC, since it allows them to breastfeed hands­free—and if baby falls asleep, they can stay snug and secure with the extra support this carry offers. Lastly, the FWCC is perfect for active babywearers who love to hike, take long walks, and stay fit with babywearing yoga and other babywearing workouts. Check out the tutorial below for a step­by­step tutorial on the FWCC.
  1. Center middle marker on chest, then guide one rail under your arm toward your back
  2. Extend rail over your back and pull it over your opposite shoulder
  3. Gather material and drape over your shoulder
  4. Now extend the other end over your back and pull over your opposite shoulder
  5. Both ends should form an “x” over your back when both passes are on shoulders
  6. You now have two shoulder straps and a pocket to put your baby in
  7. Slide baby into the pocket; (marker should align at nape of baby’s neck)
  8. Tuck bottom rail between you and baby to make a seat and expose legs
  9. Holding baby’s seat with one hand, use the other to pull up top rail and tighten
  10. Identify a few sections of fabric and tighten them section­by­section
  11. Continue tightening section­by­section until you reach the bottom rail
  12. Repeat tightening on other side (make sure not to loosen previous side)
  13. Lift both passes and pull outward to rid extra slack (baby should be very snug)
  14. Cross the passes under baby’s seat, close to your body
  15. Bring both passes under the legs toward the back
  16. Complete the carry by tying two knots in the back
  17. Carry is complete; (it should look and feel secure)
  18. Spread passes for extra head support, warmth, or privacy (be sure never to cover baby’s face)