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Babywearing Basics: Newborns

A wrap is perhaps the most simple and versatile of all baby carriers. It is comprised of one long continuous piece of fabric which is typically woven and can vary in length. The length usually depends on the size of the wearer and the size of the baby, as well as the type of carry one wishes to achieve. When compared to the other carriers, you’ll see that wraps are incredibly adaptable, comfortable, and supportive. Though many of the carriers you’ll find in stores today are marketed as “convenient” and “easy-to-use,” this convenience often comes with some drawbacks, such as lack-of support when properly positioning your baby and discomfort for the wearer. Not all carriers are created equal, thus learning to babywear in a wrap is a skill worth having in order to have a great babywearing experience.
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Babywearing in the First Year

When it comes to babywearing, it’s important to remember that many changes occur during the first year of life, both physically and psychologically. Because of this, there is much to consider when it comes to choosing and using a carrier for all of baby’s developmental stages. Below is a diagram of the natural babywearing progression throughout baby’s first year of life.

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